About Me

Hello, and welcome to Cookbook Fetish. I'm Julie and I live in a small mid-Michigan town.

This is where I sample a handful of recipes from a single cookbook (or a book that contains recipes - maybe fiction) and tell you how it goes. And this ought to be interesting - have you seen the list of cookbooks? I pick up cookbooks at thrift stores and have received them as gifts. Some of the cookbooks are going to take us on a wild trip back to the 60s or 70s. And you should be shuddering at the thought.

I have two cats that are expert cooking assistants:

Ivan will sample anything. Almost.
Jasmine prefers chocolate. Dark chocolate.

I'm always looking for:
  • New cookbooks to try 
  • Cookbook giveaways
  • Fiction that includes recipes or a lot of food-related action
  • Guest bloggers sharing their favorite cookbook
Comments are always welcomed. Let me know if you've cooked from a particular cookbook, and what experiences you've had with that book. Be polite. If you're not, I will remove your comment.

Where are the recipes? Unlike a lot of food blogs, Cookbook Fetish doesn't provide a slew (or should that be a slaw?) of recipes. It takes time to type each recipe exactly as it's written in the book, or to chase down the publisher/writer for permissions. Simple recipes you can probably figure out based on what I've written; some recipes I may adapt and give a full recipe. If you're truly stumped, consider buying the cookbook. Each cookbook is loaded with recipes that will intrigue and seduce you - go for it!
  • Contact me via email cookbookfetish at gmail dot com.
  • Find me on Twitter @cookbookfetish